Breaking Barriers for Black & Latino Youth From High School to Career!

We are urging the Mayor and DC Council to help Black and Latino youth reach their full potential.

Our Solutions

1. Provide Real College Opportunities  

Our youth can graduate high school, go to college, get a degree, and earn a higher salary. Very few students participate have an opportunity to participate in dual enrollment and early college opportunities, despite overwhelming evidence showing it helps with college enrollment and completion. Compared to other states, D.C. ranks in the bottom half of states in terms of dual enrollment access.

Tell Mayor Bowser and D.C. Council to expand free, accessible dual dual enrollment and early college opportunities! 

2. Ensure Fair Admissions 

Our youth deserve a fair shot in the college admissions process. It’s time to ban legacy admissions, an advantage to children of alumni in the college admissions process which overwhelmingly benefits white and wealthy students.  

  1. Highly Prevalent. Several major universities in D.C. utilize legacy preference during the admissions process.  
  2. They’re Unpopular. 70% of D.C. voters support legislation banning legacy admissions.
  3. Why D.C. Council Can and Should Act. D.C provides millions of dollars in tax exemptions and contracts to universities. However, no law mandates that they ban legacy or release data for transparency. The D.C. government has the authority to impose conditions on funding for private entities, provided that these conditions are reasonable and do not violate the Constitution.

Tell Mayor Bowser and D.C. Council to prohibit local universities from using legacy admissions and open up more seats for our first-generation Black and Latino students! 

3. Create Pathways to High Wage Careers  

Our youth need high-wage, high-demand careers to support themselves and their families. Our students need greater access to career technical education and work-based learning opportunities.

Tell Mayor Bowser and D.C. Council to create pathways for our high school students to earn a postsecondary credential or degree!  

Take Action!

You have the power to break barriers for our Black and Latino youth.
Together, we will make our postsecondary education system fast, flexible, and first-rate!