Public schools in DC have improved, but the
destructive consequences of systemic
racism and discrimination persist.

Democrats For Education Reform DC (DFER DC) is dedicated to eliminating the barriers to a just and equitable education so every student graduates from high school and receives a high-quality, affordable college education, or the work-based experience and credentials necessary to immediately earn a livable wage. If you have any questions about our work please contact us on email here.

Education reform works. 

We know it works because our public education system has improved greatly pre-pandemic. 

  • We’ve seen consistent significant student gains year after year on our statewide annual assessment in English Language Arts and Math since 2015, including improvements across all major student groups.
  • Parents continue to choose DC public schools as demonstrated by increased enrollment from school year 2014-15 to 2018-19.
  • Students in DC have made the largest math and reading score gains among urban districts and improved more quickly than the nation as a whole, as measured by NAEP’s Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA).

But we have more work to do to ensure educational equity for all of our students. Let’s work together to close unacceptable opportunity gaps between student groups. 

We know what it takes. DFER DC has a proven framework for educational reform, and we need progressive leadership to help make it a reality. 

You can help. 

Thank you for joining our movement!