Democrats For Education Reform DC (DFER DC) in the News

For all press inquiries, please email us and we will respond as soon as possible. Images from our media kit may be used for publication with proper attribution (Source: DFER DC).


Why was DFER DC formed?
DFER DC was founded in 2015 to ensure every student has a high-quality education.

How is DFER DC funded?
DFER DC is funded by a variety of philanthropic and corporate donors who want to contribute to our mission of expanding policies and practices that will increase educational equity for DC students. These donors support a wide range of organizations focused on improving outcomes for historically underserved communities. Our dollars go to our priorities that help students.

How does DFER DC decide which candidates to support?
DFER DC looks for proven leaders in our DC communities and public education who have a vision and passion for an equitable education landscape. Most effective leaders believe in our students’ potential and commit to shaping their policies (if elected) from an advocacy perspective that centers our students’ lived experiences within education, housing, community safety, and healthcare. All candidates seeking a DFER DC endorsement will:

  1. Meet with our team
  2. Complete a questionnaire
  3. Interview with our panel of DFER DC leadership and community partners

* DFER DC uses a scoring rubric impacted by all of the aforementioned, to determine final endorsement decisions.