DFER D.C. Condemns the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade


Joshua Hodge


WASHINGTON, DC (June 25, 2022) — Democrats for Education Reform D.C. (DFER D.C.) State Director Jessica Giles released the following statement about the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade:

“We are outraged by this decision,” said Giles. “It jeopardizes countless lives as states across the country are moving to ban abortion. Millions of people will no longer have access to basic health care & reproductive health care.”

“We call on the Mayor and the D.C. Council to enact legislation that will further protect individuals asserting their reproductive rights in the District of Columbia. We urge Congress to codify the right to abortion in federal law and immediately pass H.R.51, the “Washington, D.C. Admission Act. Because the District does not have statehood, Congress must act quickly to protect our residents from meddling Republicans who would seek to ban abortion in D.C.”

“As Pro-choice Democrats, we will always fight for the right for every person to choose to: reproduce, use contraception, marry the person they love, and educate their child at the school of their choice.”

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DFER D.C. is dedicated to eliminating racial inequity and discrimination in the D.C. public education system by supporting leaders who champion student-centered policies.

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